About RE

Upcycling is a process to prevent wasting potentially useful materials by making use of existing ones, making something of equal or better value without downgrading the original material or creating more pollution during the process.

RE is a limited edition upcycled jewelry collection that symbolizes the best 're' words: renew, refresh, respect, reinvent, rethink!

The entire RE collection is created from silver salvaged from our workshop. Giving a new lease on life to cuff bangles that did not make the cut during our "100% Conflict Free" fundraising campaign*, each bangle is now a completely different, exquisitely hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind piece.

In addition to not using virgin silver and unlike using recycled silver, by manually shaping and hammering each creation the polluting, energy-consuming processes of mining, melting and casting are avoided altogether.

* Partnership project for diamond mine reclamation and organic farming projects with One Sky and the Conservation Society of Sierra Leone, in Bandefayie, Sierra Leone. The project concluded in 2009.