DIAZ Jewelry is an ethical, sustainable jewelry brand with a mission to create the best products, encourage individuals to defy stereotypes, and use business to inspire creativity and sustainability.

At DIAZ, we like to think out of the box and challenge conventional wisdom. We love to think of ways to make people think and rethink. We love to remind and be reminded of the beauty and strength of Mother Nature and our natural surroundings, and just stay in touch with all of it through our jewelry.


Founder & Chief Designer

Designer Takashi Sol FuchigamiTakashi Sol Fuchigami was born in Hyogo, Japan. He was raised in a family of artists - his grandfather was a 'Haiku' poet and his grandmother was a sensei of 'Ikebana', the traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement. Growing up, Takashi spent much of his time observing his grand parents' crafts, as well as countless hours in his seamstress mother's atelier, surrounded by the magnificent textures and colors of vintage kimono fabrics.

As a child, Takashi spent much of his time immersed in the wilderness, where a deep appreciation of nature developed. He was especially fascinated by the geological forms of rocks and crystals; the exquisite perfection and symmetry of insects and shells; and the intrigue of boundless outer space - all themes that continue to inspire him in life and his jewelry designs.

Takashi began as a graphic designer, painter and sculptor. The essence of his free spirit and non-conformist stance speak out through the individualistic designs and philosophy of DIAZ Jewelry.

The message of his passion for human rights and environmental issues, as well as his willingness to push boundaries and create new rules is evident in each signature piece.

Constantly moved by the timeless beauty of nature, as well as architecture and sculpture, Takashi continues to create jewelry designs that are unique, fluid and poetic with a biomorphic feel - designs that hold a clear message for the future generations. He currently spends his time between his homes in Japan and Lantau Island, Hong Kong, where he continues to find inspiration for his pieces everyday.

"Every single consumer product comes with a footprint. My mission is to do as little harm as possible to the planet and lives - to pay homage to them in the process of creating beautiful, timeless jewelry with a flair."

Takashi Sol Fuchigami
Co-founder & Chief Designer
Sol's signature


Creative Director

SalinaGrowing up on Hong Kong Island and rural Japan, Salina's best memories are of blue-sky days spent cycling alongside rice paddies and diving off boats into the open ocean, submerged in an environment that encouraged an appreciation for natural beauty and simplicity.

Reminiscing her childhood, Salina began opening her eyes to environmental issues after the birth of her own child. In the hope of finding solutions that paint a picture of the future as one of hope rather than one that is dark and catastrophic, she vowed to help build a brighter future in simple, fresh and positive ways, beginning with herself, her home, her work - one step at a time. This led to her creation of the-way-to-go.org, an online medium to share eco-facts, information and ideas as a symbol of the path that heads in the right direction towards saving planet Earth for generations to come.

Her environmental efforts were recognized by the International Earth Champions Foundation, awarding Salina the title of 'Outstanding Earth Champion' in their 2008 quest. Sharing her expertise in the field, Salina went on to collaborate with her real estate entrepreneur brothers to assist in the creation of the award winning 'Atria Green Residencies', a portfolio of eco-sensitive designer serviced residential suites in Hong Kong.

With her passion for the environment, a lifelong love of jewelry and an immense appreciation of her husband's creativity, Salina joined DIAZ Jewelry with a mission to create a jewelry brand that does no unnecessary harm.

From concept inception to sourcing of sustainable materials, Salina adds her special touch to the brand, guaranteeing the positive message each piece of DIAZ jewelry holds.